Adam Michael Phelps
Current Address
1059 Oak St
San Francisco, CA 94117
Home: (415) 934-0886
Cell: (650) 799-6573
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA
Masters in Computer Science (Systems specialization)
Graduated April 2001 from the Computer Science Department
GPA: 3.77

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Graduated May 1999 from the School of Computer Science
Major:  Computer Science
Minors:  Physics, Mathematics 
Class of 1999
QPA: 3.68

Work Experience
Staff Engineer
3PARData, I
Remote copy project - Sole developer of initial prototype and continued development 
of commercial product.  Developed linux user and kernel code in Cas well as TCL-based CLI.
June 2000 to present
Teaching Assistant, Stanford Computer Science Department
Programming Paradigms
April through June 2000
Advanced Topics in Operating Systems 
January through March 2000 

Undergraduate Programmer, NASD Video project
Parallel Data Laboratory
Spring 1998 through Summer 1999

General Tutor for Introduction to Programming courses
Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department
Spring 1997/Fall 1997/Spring 1998

Grader for Fundamentals of Computer Science 2 (Java)
Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department
Fall 1997/Spring 1998

Studio Assistant
Thomas Phelps, Ceramic Artist
Summers 1994-1997
Computer Skills
Operating Systems
MacOS, UNIX/Linux, Windows, WindowsNT
Programming Experience
C/C++, Java, Shell scripting
Hardware/Software maintenance on Macintosh Computers
Software Skills
Metrowerks, Visual C++, MSExcel, MSWord, PageMaker, Photoshop
Web Page Design and Implementation
Relevant Coursework (Graduate - Stanford)
Introduction to Compiler Design
Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques
Topics in Modeling
Intro to Cryptography and Computer Security
Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming
Distributed Systems
Image Synthesis Techniques
Experiments in Motion Capture
Advanced Compiling Techniques
Advanced Topics in Internet Technologies
Relevant Coursework (Undergraduate - Carnegie Mellon)
Fundamental Structures of Computer Science I & II
Programming Languages
Computer Graphics 1
Computer Graphics 2
Software Engineering
Computer Networks
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
Electronics Labratory I
Extra Curricular Activities
Alpha Phi Omega (A national service fraternity)
Student Senator
Funding and Recognitions Committee
Campus Affairs Committee
Carnegie Mellon University (Undergraduate)
Carnegie Mellon Dean's List
Fall 1995, Spring 1997, Spring 1998, Fall 1998, Spring 1999 - School of Computer Science
National Science Scholar
National Merit Finalist
Valedictorian, Floyd County High School (Floyd, VA)
Member of the National Runner-Up team in the Junior
Engineering and Technology Society's TEAMS
Competition (1994)
Attended Southwest Virginia Governor's School for
Science and Technology

Adam M Phelps
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